Some Of Our Business Customers
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Business Customers

We supply many large organisations and companies and organisations including Rolls Royce, DHL and the NHS. 

In addition we have years of experience supplying products to the Telecoms Dealers and Reseller channels.

Just some of our customers:


We can supply businesses of any size and provide services including:

  • Advice regarding compatibility of our products with your existing systems
  • Dealer delivery direct to your end customer (plain packaging)
  • Discounts for large bulk orders

Since we hold large stocks of most products we can also cater for bulk orders.

Government Bodies

We accept Purchase Orders issued by Government bodies, Educational establishments and from the NHS.
Please contact us for further information.

Business Accounts - Dealers & Reselllers

Are you looking to resell one or all of our brands? Subject to approval we can provide a credit account to registered limited and public limited dealer or reseller companies in line with our standard terms and conditions of sale (copy available on request). 

Business Accounts - End Users

We can also provide Proforma Invoices for business customers who need authorisation before making a purchase.  

Please contact us for further information.